For over 10 years, our firm has been supporting people who were owed and wanted to recover unpaid overtime wages from their hard work and dedication whether currently employed or a former employee. We have successfully resolved claims brought on behalf of employees in the restaurant & bar, retailing, financial services & banking, technology, medical, home health services, security, construction and hospitality industries.

  • No Upfront Fees – Ever!
  • Free Consultation. We Only Recover if You Prevail!
  • All Income Employees May Qualify! Low, Middle & Upper Incomes Employees May All Recover Overtime Compensation.
  • Citizens and Non-Citizens, Documented or Undocumented, Are All Entitled to Unpaid Overtime Compensation.
  • Recover Double Damages Plus Costs & Attorney’s Fees.

Save Your Timecards, Pay Records, Co-Worker Names and Contact Information and Other Materials That Support Your Overtime Claim!